9 Worst Business Decisions Ever Made

9. Excite.

In the late 90s, Excite was a leading search engine. The owners of Google approached the company and offered to sell their company for $1 million, and they even offered as low as $750,000. The owners of Excite turned down the deal, which is known as one of the worst business blunders in history. As everyone knows, Google is now the world’s largest search engine, and Excite is out of business.

There are new businesses coming up every single day. Even for the most knowledgeable business person, there is no guarantee that the decision being made is in the best interest for the company in the long run. When a company makes a bad business decision, it can cause a great financial loss, and all companies will make bad business decisions at one time or another. However, every bad business decision does not cause a company to suffer dire consequences. It takes excellent marketing and determination to bring a company back to normal, and companies all over the world do this each and every day.

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