9 Worst Business Decisions Ever Made

When it comes to the ever evolving world of business, there are a great number of lessons that are learned along the way. Some of these lessons are more powerful than others, whether they have good or bad outcomes. Business decisions of varying degrees are made each and every day in all business throughout the world. Ideas that look good in the beginning can take a wrong turn at some point. The problem is that there are many very bad decisions that have unfortunately been made. These particularly bad decisions are ones that are not intentional, and seemed like extremely good ideas at the time; however, as we all know, everyday business decisions can become devastatingly bad to the business and its bottom line. The following is a list of the nine worst business decisions that have ever been made.

1. AOL.

Before there was Google, there was AOL, and before fast Internet speeds, people had to endure dial-up Internet; however, at that particular time in history, no one knew the difference since that was the only option at the time. In 1999, the CEOs of both AOL and Time Warner decided that they would merge their two companies, which was the largest merger to ever happen. Unfortunately, this is also known as the worst merger to ever occur in the business world, and this is what it is now known for. This turned out to be one of the largest business blunders ever. At the time, no one would have been able to guess what would happen next. This business deal happened at the same time of the dot com bubble burst, not to mention that high speed Internet was coming onto the scene. The companies and investors lost an amazing amount of money.

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