9 Wealthiest Self Made Women In The World

(9) Sara Blakely–Spanx

The final woman entrepreneur on our list is Sara Blakely. On a whim, she invested her entire life’s savings, $5,000, on designing her idea for hosiery. When she found that there were no female patent lawyers in the state of Georgia, she bought a book from Barnes and Noble and wrote her own patent. In 2012, Ms. Sara Blakely was the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Ms. Blakey’s products were featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show after she sent in a basket of products and a gift card explaining what she was trying to develop.

These women are all remarkable because of the life they made for themselves through their entrepreneurship. Our list of women come from many walks of life, ranging from a seamstress who dropped out of school to women who went to top-tier schools and chose to follow their dream.

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