9 Things To Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

networking is king

2. Networking is King

Many green entrepreneurs make the mistake of spending much of their initial startup funding on Internet content marketing. You can purchase all the Google and Facebook ads as you have money for and even get a few clicks by interested customers. However, people are not going to purchase goods and services from your company unless they know your company’s brand.

One way to get your first customers is to offer something for free. Market research has proven that when you give something away for free, customers are likely to be happy and tell a friend about it. Another way to bolster your brand image with new customers is to take your products or services to trade shows and conventions. Get out there and meet people. Pass along a business card and talk to prospective customers. Listen to what their needs are and see if you can provide them with something useful. Ultimately, when people remember a name through networking, they are more likely to purchase goods and services.

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