9 Things That Every Good Boss Does

Motivates you

Good and boss. Two words that you seldom ever go together when someone is talking about their boss. Why is that, exactly? Why is it that “the boss” is always perceived as someone that is filled with anger and anxiety, all of it pinned towards you? But here’s the thing: for every “bad” boss that there is, there’s a thousand good ones. The bad ones just get talked about more often, because they’re a source of everyday anxiety for many people. As a boss, they should strive to be a person that their co-workers can look up to and see as a role model for their field of work. Let’s stop the image of the bad boss and bring upon the real image of the motivational, innovative and empowering boss. Here are 9 things that every good boss does:

1. Motivates you:

A good boss should motivate you to make your goals a reality. Whether or not you are in your dream job, your boss should make you believe you are by the way they show you how much they love their job. Their presence, demeanor and passion for work should motivate you to want to have that same type of passion for whatever it may be that you want to do. Your boss should motivate you to be happy with what you have, but also give you the yearning to want a little bit more than what you have already accomplished.

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