9 Most Overused Buzzwords


9. “Multitasking”

Many managers assume that the most efficient employees are capable of doing many different tasks at once as part of their job. A recent study shows that only 2% of people are capable of doing many different tasks simultaneously in order to achieve a goal. Technology encourages people to do more and more useless multitasking. While responding to an email, can you actually finish that spreadsheet report that is due in an hour? Employers, as well as employees, want to reconsider multitasking, since the average worker actually loses 2.1 hours per day when they try to do multiple tasks at one time.

By eliminating these annoying words from business parlance, let’s all agree to make a more productive workplace environment. By focusing on the tangibles, such as making sales conversions with well-defined systems, managers and employers can do more, letting the common “clear goal” take care of itself.

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