9 Most Overused Buzzwords

Going Forward

There are certain phrases and buzzwords that we could all agree to do without. These words often get tossed around in meetings in email, and we can associate them as subterfuge of what actual tasks need to get done, but no one wants to deal with the semantics of accomplishing the task at hand. Let’s all agree to not use these phrases and words in company meetings and electronic communications.

1. “Going Forward”

Seriously, what does the phrase “going forward” mean? Often, in the shoptalk of the corporate world, “going forward” can mean “from now on” or even “now.” The problem with this buzzword is that, in a meeting, “going forward” is used in a reactive sense when faulty decision-making has happened. One way to eliminate “going forward” from the beginning of a sentence in an email, it would be more beneficial to focus on generating a set of proactive steps to correct a problem or generate a business paradigm that makes conversions.

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