9 Business Apps That Will Make You More Productive

If you think that apps are only for kids, think again! The smartphone industry has evolved into something incredible, and nowadays busy, hardworking adults can find many different apps that can be downloaded to their phone to make life more efficient. Whether you need to travel, conduct business with other employees, maintain files or something else, there is an app for that. The app world is quite large, with an assortment of more than 800,000 for the iOS alone. If you are ready to make your life easier, take a look at 9 of the best apps that you can use to make your life more productive.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is available for iOS and Android based phones, and with this app on your phone, you can always find the right building, meeting room, or other location that you need to get to quickly. Voice navigation is one feature that users enjoy with this app. Google Maps will show you different routes that you can take to your destination, and street view is available.

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