9 Best States for Small Businesses


9. Indiana

Indiana notches its way on the bottom of the list due to the tax code in the state. 59% of businesses in Indiana report that they paid a “fair” amount of taxes. The biggest detractor for Indiana is the high cost of hiring and the lack of training resources available for new entrepreneurs. At the state level, there are not many training resources for writing a business plan, getting a tax number, and filling out the correct paperwork. Labor and safety regulatory issues are not a big problem in Indiana, making it fairly easy for small businesses to achieve regulatory compliance in these areas.

While many states claim to be small business friendly, we found that these 9 states were among the easiest to start a business. However, the ease of starting a small business is not the sole criteria for opening doors in a particular state. It is also important to figure out how that state will let you keep your doors opened, well after your small business opening date.

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