9 Best States for Small Businesses

So, you want to start a small business. There are several states in the United States that are ultra-friendly for the new entrepreneur. Some of the criteria for being a state friendly to small business include state taxes, local funding that is targeted for startups, as well as licensing and paperwork costs. For our 9 top states to start a small business, we found the following states to be the easiest to get your business going:

1. Texas

Austin, TX ranks third nationally with high-tech industries, especially in the computer software and service industry. Residential construction is also a great industry, in Texas, to start up a business. There is relatively little oversight, in terms of licensure and paperwork that makes starting a business in the construction industry easy. Also, the value of training and education for entrepreneurs in Texas is very high. Over 2.2 million small businesses claim Texas as their home. Women and minorities, making Texas, by and far, the best state for having a small business own more than 725,000 of those businesses. Texas is “wide open” for small businesses, as per the state business website.

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