8 Ways To Boost Your Will Power

be reasonable with yourself

8. Be Reasonable With Yourself

The best tip for increasing your will power has to do with self-compassion. Self-compassion has been linked to decreasing anxiety and depression, increasing self-efficacy, and developing better coping skills. During a tough day, it is okay to step back and take a break. Watch your language throughout the day. It is easy, when being self-critical, to notice your shortcomings. A great way to develop self-compassion is to monitor your self-criticisms: would you be as critical of someone that you care about? There are many myths about self-compassion, including grouping it as self-pity. Self-compassion can go a long way in easing the tensions of a hectic, stressful day. Instead of noticing your shortcomings, it is best to make a list of things that went well during the day.

Overall, these tips will help you increase your will power. However, these tips also help a person increase their happiness, whether it is concerns completing a daily work objective or make a game plan for getting through the day.

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