The 8 Things That You Should Never Say To Your Boss

I  don't have time
As surprising as it might be, many people do not know the appropriate way to talk to their boss, and this lack of knowledge can lead to big trouble. Saying the wrong things to a boss could land you in a lot of hot water, which could include the loss of your job. No one wants to be jobless in today’s tough economy. To ensure that you are not in hot water, take a look at 8 things that you should never say to your boss, and ensure that you refrain from uttering any of these things from your mouth.

1. I don’t have Time

It is probably true that you are very busy with all of the workload that you already have, but it is a big mistake to tell your boss that you do not have time to do something that he or she has asked of you. When your boss asks you to do something, your best option is to prioritize the things that you have to do and figure out a way to schedule the task into your day. Never tell your boss that you do not have the time to do something that he has asked of you.

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