8 Most Successful Female Executives

8. Patricia Woertz, ADM

Patricia Woertz has taken the reigns of Archer Daniels Midland with grace. In the agribusiness industry, which is mostly male-dominated, Woertz is one of the few shining stars that have balanced a busy work life while raising three children. Recently, ADM had to undergo some corporate restructuring when the company couldn’t acquire GrainCorp, Ltd. Even though the company’s fourth quarter profit fell sharply, Woertz’s leadership is largely responsible for ADM’s nearly $90 billion in annual revenue. Under Woertz’s leadership, ADM received a reputation for being a “high-performance, results-focused company.” Woertz recently stepped down as CEO, but will remain as chairperson of the board until her retirement in 2016.

These women are among the most successful CEOs in the business world. One of the telltale signs of strong leadership often comes from having to make difficult decisions in order to grow a company successfully. These eight women, among the best, have been crucial to their company’s growth in recent years, laying the cornerstone of profit and revenue in years to come.

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