8 Most Successful Female Executives

6. Irene Rosenfeld, Mondelēz International

Irene Rosenfeld has been an upcoming star in the food and beverage industry for years. When she was in charge of Frito-Lay, she emphasized the need for customers to make healthy food choices. Rosenfeld was appointed CEO of Kraft foods in 2006. Though the transformation has been slow, the company has revitalized its branding processes, increased its customer based, and replaced AIG on the Dow Jones Industrial average. Recently, Rosenfeld pushed for Kraft’s acquisition of the UK brand Cadbury for around 10 billion pounds. Rosenfeld has consistently ranked on the Wall Street Journal’s “50 Women to Watch” and the Forbes’ list of “Most Powerful Women.”

Rosenfeld recently became CEO of Mondelēz International after Kraft underwent a corporate restructuring. She will continue to educate customers on healthy food choices while increasing company profits, especially because Mondelēz International is the largest business unit as a result of the Kraft breakup.

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