8 Habits That Kill Productivity


2. Procrastination.

Ah, procrastination..the fool’s strategy. Or, really, every college student’s guide to life. However, you’re in the real world now and preparing at the last minute just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only do you look bad by cramming right before a big meeting or presentation in front of your colleagues, it’s also not good for your health. The stress of procrastination does not bode well for your physical and mental health. That quickened heart rate and sweaty palms that happen just before a big meeting you know you didn’t prepare enough for? Having that happen frequently means your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are pumping into overdrive. Too much cortisol is never a good thing. It can lower your immune system and cause all sorts of health problems. Instead of doing everything at the last minute, schedule your time so you are able to have extra time, either early in the morning or later at night, to prepare for projects and presentations.

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