8 Habits That Kill Productivity

Planning everything

Productivity: one of life’s biggest paradoxes. We try so hard to get work done yet never seem to accomplish anything! We download apps to master our time, yet end up zoning out to Pandora and dozing off in our lunch midday. Everyone is guilty of at least one day during the week where you wake up with the intention of getting so much work done, only to end up having completed half of a task in an eight hour time span. The view from your window was just so interesting today, right? Here’s the thing about productivity: as much as we may try to fix it by making lists and managing our time down to the minute, these things actually might be hindering your productivity even more. Sometimes, it’s the things that we don’t even notice that really make us slack off. Here’s eight habits that may be killing your productivity and hindering your time management abilities:

1. Planning everything.

Having a planner is great. It can help you when you don’t remember what you’re supposed to be doing and can remind you when you have deadlines. However, remember that planning should only be a small part of your day and plans can be changed. Spending your whole morning planning out what you have to do for the day is a waste of your morning! There’s a time and a place for everything. Instead of planning out every second of the day, plan a few goals for each day that are more broad, so you aren’t stressed out if you don’t meet every to-do. This way, you won’t be spending a good amount of your time writing down what you could be doing, instead of just doing it! Try and plan your daily goals out on Sunday night for the week ahead, so you aren’t taking away quality time from your workdays.

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